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Clear The Stuck Energy in Your Body and Start Feeling Good Again!

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Do you want to STOP feeling the way you do right now?


Do you want to STOP feeling so overwhelmed, stressed out, and depressed all the time?


Do you want to STOP feeling too vulnerable, too sensitive, and too receptive in a way that it always leaves you exhausted and emotionally drained ALL THE TIME? 


....and you finally… FINALLY just want to FEEL GOOD again.


You're in the right place.

Believe it or not...There is an EFFORTLESS way to change the way you feel right now. You can get rid of the things that are holding you back from feeling good and finally feel like yourself again. 


If you have been struggling to find your way to feel “normal” or “healthy” once again


If you really want  to end the constant emotional and physical struggle now.


If you have tried everything and still have faith that you can find something that would put an end to how you badly feel right now...

Then you are going to want to check this out...


Hi, I'm Sally Reid


I am a Medical Intuitive and Healing Channel.


What that means in english is that I have a gift that lets me see inside of you, your physical energy, and manipulate that energy... and you feel better!


And the good news is that you don't have to be sitting next to me for it to happen! Everything is energy and Energy is Everything! 


I mainly work with highly sensitive people who suffer with mental, emotional and physical issues that doctors have not yet been able to alleviate. You might be surprised how easy it is to heal once you clear your stagnated and stuck energy. 



“Working with Sally... When the energy is released you feel a shift immediately. Old, stuck beliefs vanish and a lightness comes over you. As you peel away the layers of the energy onion, each pain is easier to face knowing healing will come.” 

— Judith, Nashville


Years ago, I was once in your shoes. I felt the same way too...


I was always worrying in my long list of physical problems that would never be healed.


And I sometimes find myself crying without any reason at all.


I know exactly what it feels like to have tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING seemed to work.


I struggled needlessly for years.


I STRUGGLED with pills that only treated half of the issue or made me feel like a cotton ball.


Talk therapy that seemed to make it WORSE.


I felt like a LOSER because I couldn’t keep up with my work. I just didn’t feel like it.


Nobody knew what was wrong with me. They just kept giving me MORE pills to take... When the pills didn’t fix the problem, they told me it was "all in my head."


But was it really?

I felt REALLY BAD. I wasn’t making it up and I’ll bet you aren’t either.  


Then something BIG happened that changed EVERYTHING...

On April 15th 1999 at 1:47 ET, I fell from a horse, broke my neck, and I died.


I was alone when it happened, so hours later, when I was finally able to go the hospital to get it checked out, I created quite a stir! When the doctors saw the x-rays and did not believe them, so they ordered an MRI to be sure it was not a mistake!


They couldn’t understand how I was still alive when I had broken three vertebrae in my neck. Especially since I had driven myself to the hospital 7 hours after the accident happened. In fact, one of the vertebrae, C-4, was BROKEN COMPLETELY IN HALF.


According to the doctors, it usually means a SURE death... 

But there I was, very much alive.


It was a miracle that I survived the fall. 


I have no real explanation for how I was able to survive that day, but I am left with a lasting gift that I am hoping to share with as many people as I can. 

What is that gift exactly?


Before you keep reading...I MUST WARN YOU: What I am about say next may sound STRANGE for you but this is all true...


That incident left me with an INCREDIBLE GIFT that lets me see inside your body’s energy field.

I can see the bits of energy that are getting in the way, you know, locate the EXACT moment that the trouble started and help you to get rid of the very thing or things that are holding you back instantly.

It is kind of like x-ray vision for your life....and that’s just the beginning...


I also received the gift of being able to CONNECT DIRECTLY to the very powerful guides that spoke to me that day.


They gave me instruction and taught me things about myself that I never knew! 

This is the VERY GIFT that I used to heal my body... my emotions... and my life.


This is an EFFORTLESS way to change the way you feel right now.


And I say this from my own personal experience and the experience of people I have worked with.


You can get rid of the things that are holding you back from feeling right and feel better fast.



“Sally Reid is a special gift to this world! She has a way of communicating and expressing her talents unlike anything I have ever experienced. She gave me closure and guidance but most of all confidence in her abilities. Sally thank you for such a wonderful experience! ” — Cory C.

“Good morning. Sally. Hope all is well for you. Surgery was yesterday. No cancer and instead of right ovary it was my left like you said that had cysts. Thank you for following your heart and engaging your gifts. It is a blessing to know you.” 

— Marie W.

I have found a way to easily deliver THE ONE THING you need to get yourself moving again.


THE ONE THING that will make a difference in how quickly you can begin to feel better.


THE ONE THING that has been missing in your quest to feel better.


And THE ONE THING THAT WILL WORK directly on the ACTUAL PROBLEM you are having and direct change there. Once you direct the change to the ACTUAL PROBLEM, then change happens fast!


What's That ONE THING?!

Clearing Your Stuck Energy

Now you may be going HUH?!


Here's the thing...


Over the course of several months after that incident, I was able to learn a lot from the guides which communicated with me.


Here's one of the things I learned is that there are people who are wired differently than about 80% of the rest of the world, and because of that, it could drastically affect their health or their life. Those people are known aka Highly Sensitive or Naturally Sensitive person.


The energy of the world affects these people more STRONGLY than it does others. They feel things DIFFERENTLY than other people. And here's the thing: naturally sensitive people often don’t know that they are sensitive.


In fact, you may be one of them.

Let Me Ask You A Few Questions...

  • Do you get easily startled by loud noises or sudden movements?
  • Do you try really hard to avoid making mistakes or forgetting things?
  • Do you find it important to arrange life to avoid upsetting or overwhelming situations?
  • Are you bothered by bright lights, loud noises, or crowds?
  • Have you often noticed things that other people seem not to notice?
  • Have you been irritated by scratchy fabrics or repetitive sounds so much that it almost makes you crazy?
  • Have you ever find yourself suddenly trying to hold back tears with no real reason to cry?
  • Do you feel like you are almost always riding an emotional rollercoaster of life?
  • Have you ever been told you that you were “too sensitive”?


If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then the chances are good that you are naturally sensitive too. You are wired differently than 80% of the rest of the world.



And here's a shocker: being naturally sensitive can negatively affect your health... 

Don’t worry… you are perfectly normal.


You are just designed to be a “super noticer” as I call myself. You are just more aware of subtleties and changes in your world. This trait is not designed to make you crazy, although that is what it feels like sometimes.


And if you notice everything, you are naturally going to be overstimulated when things are too intense, complex, chaotic, or new experiences for a bit of time.


All of this information come in as energy that needs to be processed. 
What if you are too overloaded to process the energy? 
​Then what happens to it?

It becomes stuck


It can show up as physical issues such as fibromyalgia, or as spinal or disc problems. It shows up inside your body as an autoimmune disease or back pain. You can find it in your inflamed digestive system creating things like celiac, Crohn's, and ulcerative colitis. It can show up as Psoriasis or Lupus and even restless leg syndrome.


Sometimes it shows up as emotional issues. Studies have shown that sensitive people have more negative emotions– Things like depression, anxiety, or feeling very stressed–than other people.  


What can you do to change that? 

All you need to do is clear the energy that is stuck inside.


This is why I'm here.
To help you do exactly just that.


This is what that I used to help thousands of people over the past 10 years to overcome issues just like yours, issues that they thought were destined to be part of their lives forever.

People pay me hundreds and thousands of dollars just to get access to what I can do for them. However right now,
I'm bringing this exact thing to you at the most accessible and reasonable price I possibly CAN!

Coaching Your Truth with Sally Reid presents...

Live Energy Clearing Subscription,
where you can get powerful energy clearing for less than the price of your daily cup of coffee.

Here's what you're going to get access to when you subscribe to it today:

  • Powerful Live Group Energy Clearing Sessions

    VIP Access to 2X a Month Live Energy Clearing Group Sessions to help heal your emotional and physical pain. Powerful and instantaneous energetic healing delivered to you no matter where you are in the world.

  • Powerful Recorded Group Energy Clearing Sessions

    VIP Access to recorded healing sessions that you can view anytime you want and get the same benefit 

  • Powerful & Exclusive Messages from the Guides

    VIP Access  to 2X a month exclusive information from my powerful guides. Plus -- new recorded teachings and trainings as they are given. 


    VIP access to the full library of resources which includes hours of live energy healing session recordings, bonuses, and more that are not available elsewhere

When you sign up TODAY, here are the BONUSES that go along with these:

  • Exclusive Guided Meditations:

    • Guided Meditation on Calm (For Grounding)
    • Guided Meditation on Finding The Emotional Triggers
    • Guided Meditation on Finding Your Perfect Space
    • Guided Meditation on Relaxation After The Storm
    • Guided Meditation on Clearing Pain From Your Body (Soon!)
    • Guided Meditation on Clearing Energy Out Of Your Body (Soon!)
  • Exclusive Access On You’re Not Broken Special Podcast Episodes such as:

    • Being Sensitive
    • Clearing Negative Thinking
    • Your Relationship With Money

    Every single month, you get SURPRISE BONUSES in your inbox and membership area - all of which are designed to help you to speed  your healing process!


(...that's just $1.33 per day!)

I am not sure how long this will be offered at this low price. The price may increase soon!

NOTE: These Live Energy Clearing Sessions typically cost $500 per session. 
​If you subscribe right now, that's $960 in savings per month.

This program designed to boost what you are already doing to heal. It is a way to augment your healing journey in a very effortless way. And if you are doing nothing, it will help you feel better and maybe even help you to heal altogether.


My guides are very clear that the energy changes are there to receive if you would like to receive them. The energy is subtle. Only if you need the energy will you feel it. AND, even if you don't feel it, but you DO need it, it will help you anyway. It could take days or weeks for the changes to come, but they do come!


The only way for you to get rid of your problem is to treat the real cause of it: stuck energy.


And I'm offering you the way right now.

Hear What Others Have To Say About Their Experience
With Energy Clearing With Sally





"I can feel the energy buzzing all the way to the UK! Then there is a moment of confusion. You can't remember how bad you felt because the feeling is gone."

"I really felt like you were connecting with me and what you were doing was intended directly for me."

"Things shifted almost immediately and I felt lighter and had more clarity!"




"Just stay open minded and open hearted and [I think] you'll be pleasantly surprised if you haven't tried it and if you have tried it,you'll be pleasantly surprised in how much you get out of it.

"...the difference in adding energy work which I experienced with you is it just takes it to a completely different level. It's deeper. It's longer lasting... I always felt changed in a good way.

It was the simplest, most profound processes that I've ever experienced.

What Can Energy Clearing Do For YOU?

  • Effortless Change

    Your life will be effortless and you will finally feel FREE to move through your day feeling in control, relaxed and self assured.

  • Get Clarity

    Your mind will become an ally so decision making will be swift, sure and without the agonizing and second guessing you did in the past.

  • Boosts Healing

    You’ve been carrying it for years and you don’t have to carry it and suffer for more years to come or decades more!

  • Productivity Increases

    Your work performance will be incredible, and you will easily make and reach any goals that you set.

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