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You will get access to:

  • Powerful Live Group Energy Clearing Sessions

    VIP Access to 2X a Month Live Energy Clearing Group Sessions to help heal your emotional and physical pain. Powerful and instantaneous energetic healing delivered to you no matter where you are in the world.

  • Powerful Recorded Group Energy Clearing Sessions

    VIP Access to recorded healing sessions that you can view anytime you want and get the same benefit 

  • Powerful & Exclusive Messages from the Guides

    VIP Access  to 2X a month exclusive information from my powerful guides. Plus -- new recorded teachings and trainings as they are given. 


    VIP access to the full library of resources which includes hours of live energy healing session recordings, bonuses, and more that are not available elsewhere

  • Exclusive Guided Meditations:

    • Guided Meditation on Calm (For Grounding)
    • Guided Meditation on Finding The Emotional Triggers
    • Guided Meditation on Finding Your Perfect Space
    • Guided Meditation on Relaxation After The Storm
    • Guided Meditation on Clearing Pain From Your Body (Soon!)
    • Guided Meditation on Clearing Energy Out Of Your Body (Soon!)
  • Exclusive Access On You’re Not Broken Special Podcast Episodes such as:

    • Being Sensitive
    • Clearing Negative Thinking
    • Your Relationship With Money

    Every single month, you get SURPRISE BONUSES in your inbox and membership area - all of which are designed to help you to speed  your healing process!​

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“Just wanted to thank you for the session I had with you. You were very helpful and the lump that was in my breast basically disappeared in a week or so after I met with you!!! I’m still amazed and thankful for that. You’re a special person with such a gift

Kristen D, USA

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“Sally Reid IS the real deal. Her work is unencumbered by methodology and beliefs. She dives into the heart of the matter with passionate persistence.... and she gets results. I would highly recommend her for all of her services. I am changed for knowing her and for the work she has done. In all honesty Sally and her work are to be experienced and then, you to, will come to understand......”

Tracy, USA

"One of the things that I've always loved about you is that you are irreverent."


"Your sense of play is so enlightening and makes it fun."


"Just stay open minded and open heart and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised if you haven't tried it and if you have tried it, you'll be pleasantly surprised in how much you get out of it."


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