Do You Want To Finally Become Emotionally & Physically Pain-Free?

Have You Ever Felt Like...'re always having difficulty keeping commitments?

...that fear, worry, and self doubt always creeps into your soul

and keep you from moving forward? know you can accomplish great things

but you're always afraid to take that first step? have that unsettling sadness deep within

that you can't seem to explain, much more to get rid of?


...or that you have unresolved anger that you've been carrying

for years and you just want to finally let it go?



Or Do You Feel Like...'re always stressed?

...that you can't seem to focus?


...that your thoughts seem to be always racing?


....and you're mentally and physically drained

that you feel like your cup is almost empty?


Or Maybe...'re experiencing chronic pain all over your body

for as long as you can ever remember?

...or you have digestive issues, constain knee pain,

back pain, neck pain, you name it?


...or that you're plagued with autoimmune diseases 

such as Fibromyalgia, lupus, Chron's disease? 


....and you've tried everything you can for years

to ease the pain but it just can't seem to go away?


What If It Didn't Have To Be This Way?



What if... can develop an unshakable commitment

to yourself and others?


...and fear, worry, and self doubt will NOT even be a thing

in your life anymore and you'll wake up every single morning

feeling so free and sure with yourself?


...and that you can have the courage you never once had and actually

accomplish the phenomenal things you know you can do? 


What if... you can finally feel the joy, love, and fulfillment

you've so long desired to feel with your life?


...and that you can finally let go of that anger that has

weighed you down and haunted you for years?



And What If... can finally live a stress-free life?


...and that you have that laser-focus? can be the master of your own thoughts?


...and you have that physical and mental energy 

to do anything that you want?



Or What If... You Can FINALLY

Feel Good Again?

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Here's What Sally's Clients Has To Say...

It was the simplest, most profound processes that

I've ever experienced.

-- Arlene

"...the difference in adding energy work which I experienced with you is it just takes it to a completely different level. It's deeper. It's longer lasting... I always felt changed in a good way.

-- Carol

"It feels almost miraculous.

-- Laura

Ready to Experience  Change

Your Life For The Better? 

Hi, I'm Sally Reid.

I am a healing channel.


I work with the healing energy of the universe and channel it so you may receive it in such a way that your body, mind, and spirit will have access to healing change.


If you allow it to flow, it will invisibly change what needs changing.


A near-death experience sparked this incredible gift to connect with this unseen force and translate it into healing energy for all. I am honoring the gift of life by helping others to feel better fast.

Who Is This For?

  • If you have felt too sensitive for your world your whole life... 

  • If you feel different from other people and feel like you always have to protect yourself...

  • If you've been called too sensitive...

  • If you've always had difficulty keeping commitments...

  • If you always feel fearful, worried, anxious...

  • If you know that you can achieve great things but just can't seem to get through...

  • If you're full of anger that you want to finally let go...

  • If you used to feel so strong & happy and now feel like you can barely drag through the day... 

  • If you have gone to therapy or the doctor but you just don't seem to get any better...

  • If you feel like there is nothing more to try...

  • If you're struggling through life and you just want to finally relax and let things go...

  • If you know that there is more to life that what you currently have now...

If you're any of this...

...then this is for YOU.

Who Is This NOT For?

  • If you are not serious...

  • If you don't believe anything or anybody will help you...

  • If you are not open minded enough to the possibilities of what this may bring you...

  • If you want to remain stuck with where you are...

  • If you want to keep struggling with life...

  • If you don't want to feel any better...

...then this is NOT for you.


Dionne, USA

“ I had just received news that I was in need of a double root canal and rather than run with that diagnosis, I wanted to go deeper into the healing that obviously needed to occur. A friend recommended Sally to me.

At first I was a bit skeptical as I rarely use distance healing, but Sally’s frank explanation of her methods set me right at ease.


Within a few minutes of us begin the work, the pain from my teeth began to subside. I felt as if a great burden had been lifted from my shoulders by the time our session was complete.


It has now been a couple of months and I am pleased to say the lightness has continued and the pain has not returned. I highly recommend giving Sally’s methods a try.”

Dawn, Western Canada

"Sally, thanks again for taking the time to speak with me today-I feel as if a hundred pound weight has been lifted off of me!"

Mullerie M,
Cape Town, South Africa

"I feel healthy for the first time in years!"

Judy B, Bermuda

“I breezed through the day and had a great sleep last night. Thank you! ”

Tammy, USA

“Thank you so much for all that you did for me during my healing session.I came to you with a lot of pain and anger and resentment and left with a body and heart filled with love.
For the first time since my divorce almost three years ago I no longer feel the pain of that experience and when I think of the past I have no more bad feelings they are gone! Amazing!

Never thought that would heal but after my session with you, I am Free of that pain and those bad memories.
I feel like I am connected and whole and complete for the first time in a very long time. I have never been to an energy healer before but a friend recommended you to me and I am so thankful.
I am open to seeing and experiencing God and other spiritual beings now that I was closed off to before your healing. I am also grateful for your being able to see my past problems and the insight you have towards fixing the problems. You are truly a gifted healer from God and I am so glad He put you in my path”

Judy, USA

“Hi Sally
I went to the doctor today for a 2nd opinion on ‘the blob’ in my abdomen, as suggested by the doctor 2 weeks ago who didn’t know what it was. Of course, meanwhile, I’d come to see you, worked on letting go of anger/betrayal, and shifted my heart and body. Not only did he not know what it was, it was GONE !! But of course, we knew that, didn’t we? I tried to explain I’d done some energy work and … didn’t get very far.  I also have had relief in my hip and overall I feel so much better. 
I wanted you to know what a gift you are to me. Thank you. See you again soon”

Kevin, USA

"Life changing. Genuine and true. Restored health where Western and Alternative medicine failed. So powerful, I gifted a friend with a visit. Not only the physical but the emotional and spiritual root cause was resolved. Heaven sent healing. An angel in earthly form. Like a hug from Mom."

This is healing at your fingertips...

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Energy Healing?

  • Even though we usually can't see it, energy exists in our everyday lives as frequencies, waves, particles, and matter of all kinds. Simply speaking everything is energy. We are energy; our bodies, our thoughts, our surroundings, our emotions, our food, our intentions, words-- you get it, everything is energy. Quantum Scientists have kindly provided this with a number of experiments in the early part of the 20th century.  


    They performed a number of experiments and arrived at some laws of Quantum Physics that have yet to be disproved today. In fact, you use those laws daily every time you use your Smartphone! A good way to see the  innate energy in our bodies in action is to hook up to an EKG oscilloscope and measure the waves of bio-electrical energy generated by the beating of our heart muscle. We have all seen it, the distinctive waves caused by the four-beat contractions of our heart. We are seeing an example of our own bodies giving off energy in a very visual way.


    In energy healing of today, we  use this universal energy in the same way. By interacting with the energy of the body at the quantum level, (since everything is energy,) it is possible to effect changes in this energy and therefore change things on the physical level. Think of the energy field as our personal template the mirrors what is happening in our physical bodies. Any distortion, blockages or imbalances in your field of energy will eventually negatively impact you physically. The more clarity, intention and openness you bring to the moment of healing, the more easily you will be able to transition into health. Energy healing is not the end all be all of medicine, even so, it is tremendously helpful in many areas of health and healing.

2. What kinds of issues can energy healing help?

  • Most often people find that energy healing is effective for emotional issues, or physical issues that are brought about by emotional imbalances. A fine example would be Fibromyalgia. That is an issue of the stuck energy of emotions bound within the muscles. Often these types of diseases are very difficult to resolve with western medicine, but energy work can help clear the issue very rapidly. Other issues that energy healing is effective for is the pain of traumatic memories that keep coming back to your mind. This healing can free the bound emotional energy from you so while you retain the memory, the pain is no longer a problem.


    Energy healing can affect all levels of imbalances in the body and surrounding interactions with your life. I once saw a woman who asked to become unstuck in her life. I saw her 6 months later and everything in her life had changed! Her job, her marriage, her car her house--the only thing that was the same was her dog! By freeing up the flow of energy in her life, all of these things were free to change! Energy healing is effective for anything that is available for change… There really are no limits, only the limitations of our beliefs in what is possible or not possible.


3. What does it feel like?

  • As you experience the energy,  you might feel a tingling or numbness that changes in intensity.  Some people report a buzzing in the ears, or a pressure in some parts of the body. Many others also experience a woozy or disconnected feeling, a feeling that lasts until the session finishes. It is for this reason that I recommend that you find a comfortable position, preferably lying down or sitting down, in a calm and relaxed environment.


    Sometimes, people will also find that pain or discomfort they have been experiencing intensify, before disappearing. You may feel achy or have a “detox flu” the next day after a session. Drinking water or taking an Epsom salt bath can help alleviate some of the symptoms.  It is also not uncommon to feel very tired or drained after your first experience with this work. Be kind to yourself. You are healing. Let yourself rest. You will soon regain all of your previous strength and more!

4. Why don’t I need to be in person for it to work?

  • As I mentioned, everything is energy. And all is connected through this energy. By the theory of Quantum Entanglement, we are able to connect and change the movement of energy at a great distance. That is actually the reason the silicon chip works to let you use your phone with no wires on poles. You can think of me as a human smartphone! The energy that I connect with is the energy of Spirit.


    As you know, Spirit is everywhere. Rest assured that nothing can be forced upon you from a great distance. This work is only by individual permissions between yourself and Spirit. My personal will or beliefs will have no bearing in that relationship. I am merely the translator, or if you will, the phone that make the connection to spirit, you will do the talking yourself!

5. How fast will this work?

  • That is hard to predict. How fast is air? Sometimes very fast! Sometimes dead still. The movement of energy is just like the movement of the air. It can be like a hurricane, and changes at hurricane speed are similar to hurricanes!


    But like a hurricane, you start clean and build back better than before. Most often it is like a gentle breeze. The wind blows as much and as fast as you can handle and no more. Spirit never gives you something that you can’t handle, for the intent is always for your best outcome.

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